Our activities

Our mission

Our mission is to create value together with our businesspartners and to accelerate the realization of the ambitions in a sustainable manner. We are encouraged to actively work with the original founder(s) and shareholder(s). We facilitate, realize and ensure that projects are effectively and efficiently rolled out.

Our motto: "realize growth in a smart way"



Each project is led by an experienced project manager and an assistant project manager.

A program manager is responsible for multiple projects and active participations; he steers the project manager and is the first point of contact for the client. At DutchBusinessInvest weekly progress meetings takes place between the program manager and the project manager.

Our current projects include ViaCarDeal, CreateYourOwnPlate, HotMealService, FinaFit, 4WD Stickers, Bikesales, New Tea Product.



We facilitate in realizing ideas, concepts and the growth of existing companies. Our focus is on the first seven years in the company's life cycle. In our daily business we mainly support entrepeneurs who want to grow their business by applying other sales techniques or opening up new markets. Entrepeneurs are frequently looking for long term advice. As a result, we often participate in the company. Sometimes we even take over the company entirely, e.g. in case an entrepreneur wants to exit the business.

Many start-ups can use help with organising their company. Often companies have difficulty in starting up because entrepreneurship is somewhat chaotic in the beginning. We often provide organizational setup.

A project must be scalable (across borders) and the head-office must be located in the Netherlands. Do you want to get a project off the ground, do you have growth ambitions, do you want to enter the Dutch / European market? Please contact us and we will schedule an appointment.

Our team

An experienced team with a proven track record.

DutchBusinessInvest was established and is managed by four active partners. The four partners have a complementary background and have been working together since 2014. This resulted in more than ten projects in both the Netherlands and abroad.

DutchBusinessInvest can therefore rely on a team with extensive experience in the investment, development and exit phases of participations. We are an independent investment fund that participates in companies (0 - 7 years), small to medium-sized with the head-office in the Netherlands and an identifiable potential for further value creation.

"We are mainly focused on making awesome investments"

About us

DutchBusinessInvest is an independent venture capital company, founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, who aim to grow their business in terms of turnovers, markets and business models. We strive for a longer-term partnership.

We invest and of course look at potential and figures, but above all we are entrepreneurs. Pragmatic, creative, straightforward and result-driven. We understand that the road to success is littered with challenges. We believe that taking initiative, innovation, courage, perseverance, flexibility and smart solutions always pay off.

We investments are based on the 4 assessment criteria: Strategy and Positioning, Formula management, Marketing & Communication, Operational Plan and on thorough analysis, experience, trust and certainly also intuition and gut feeling.


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